Aiming for the top

With two new employees on board, Maritech will internationalize and provide the world’s most widespread solution.

Maritech is the world’s largest supplier of software solutions to the seafood industry without being particularly international. Now, Maritech and our products will be internationalized to be the most widespread solution in the international market as well.

Erik Outzen, newly appointed VP Business Solutions.

Providing expertise

He is convinced that Maritech has a very good starting point to achieve this goal.

We provide optimal business software solutions, so-called best of breed solutions, that cover the entire value chain, from sea to table. The goal is to provide the customer with value-added products and services that will also simplify use and help reduce complex processes. The entire value chain is closely linked, where our uniqueness lies in the expertise and software maintaining a link between all the individual processes

Erik Outzen

Will industrialize Maritech

Outzen has many years of experience from ERP and business systems, including his career in Merit, which he himself established. After driving back and forth to Trondheim for a period of time, he wanted to find a job closer to his home in Molde.

This job is perfect. It offers a good combination of things I know well and other areas I do not know at all. I have worked extensively with industrialization in other industries, and I am now looking forward to doing the same with the seafood industry.

Erik Outzen

2020 will have a lot in store for Maritech. Of that I am absolutely sure.

The appointment of Erik Outzen comes as a result of Maritech’s refinement and focus on the business areas Business Solutions, Analytics and Production.

New sales director

In this process, Klas Vangen has been hired as Sales Director.

He brings with him 17 years of experience from national and international sales at some of the world’s largest companies such as Nike, Puma, Viking Footwear, Rip Curl and Bergans of Norway.

The possibilities that lay before us within the international seafood sector are big, and Maritech provides progressive and innovative products tailored for the future of this sector. I am really looking forward to reinforce the already solid groundwork that Maritech has put down.

Klas Vangen, Sales Director

Business Solutions: Maritech’s portfolio of business solutions that handle all processes and information, including tracing, costs and margins on fish and seafood.

Production: Solutions based on experience from both traditional production lines and modern technology, such as IoT, to enable smarter production.

Analytics: Advanced analysis and decision support system based on Maritech’s own data sources, combined with the customer’s other relevant data sources.