Atlantic Sapphire selects Maritech as seafood software partner

Maritech will provide software solutions for land-based salmon farming company, Atlantic Sapphire and its BluehouseTM facilities.

Maritech, a world-leading provider of seafood software and analytics, today announces that Atlantic Sapphire AS, a pioneer in BluehouseTM (land-raised) salmon farming, has selected Maritech as provider of business and production solutions. The first stage of the project, which is expected to grow throughout 2020, is for Atlantic Sapphire’s Miami and Denmark locations. However, the full scope of the solution supports their plans for the processing and distribution of fish and filets up to 220,000 tons (HOG) by 2031.

Traceability and control

Atlantic Sapphire is implementing Maritech’s DigitalSeafood TM software employing both cloud and on-premise technology. The solutions support and automate processes in production, sales and distribution, enabling the users to forecast inventory, optimize processing and perform detailed margin calculations. Furthermore, they provide efficiency, traceability and control through the value chain. The project is managed and supported by Maritech’s North American team which has more than 20 years’ experience in delivering solutions to the US seafood industry.

“We are pleased to have chosen Maritech and confident that this partnership will be valuable to our further growth. Technology innovation is a key area of focus – our relationship with Maritech is strategically aligned. “

Johan Andreassen, CEO of Atlantic Sapphire

“Atlantic Sapphire is a pioneer in land-based salmon farming, and we are extremely pleased to have been selected as their software solutions partner. We are excited about Atlantic Sapphire’s vision and we look forward to adding value to their business as they continue to grow.”

Janne T. Morstøl, CEO of Maritech

About Atlantic Sapphire

Atlantic Sapphire is pioneering BluehouseTM (land-raised) salmon farming, locally, and transforming protein production, globally. Its innovation center in Langsand, Denmark has been operating since 2011 with a strong focus on R&D and innovation to equip the company with technology and procedures that enables the company to commercially scale up production in end markets close to the consumer. 

In the US, the company has since 2010 worked to identify and permit the ideal location for BluehouseTM farming in Miami, Florida. The company is well underway with construction of its phase 1 build out which is projected to harvest approximately 10,000 tons of salmon annually, beginning in Q3, 2020. The company has also secured the key US water permits to produce up to 90,000 tons onsite, and targeted harvest volume in 2031 of 220,000 tons. Read more at

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