Seafood trade 

Trading has never been easier! 

We create DigitalSeafood™

We know seafood – and we know your challenges.

All the documents. All the customers, e-mails, markets and claims. Your battle against the clock and desire to always deliver with great margins. 

Since the 1970´s, we have been working closely with the leading seafood traders and producers in the world, digitizing the processes related to seafood sales and procurement. For you, this means that you can trust us as advisors, and that you can trust our software and the fact that it is built according to best-of breed practices in the industry.

Our tools are tailored for you and your processes, so that you can ensure full control, efficiency, and traceability of the seafood products you sell – through the entire value chain. You can read more through the links below, and we would also love to talk to you. So do not hesitate to let us know if you would like a demo or have questions for us.

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