Maritech launches new analytic tool

Maritech launches a targeted BI product with predefined content, formatted and ad hoc reporting, dashboarding, analysis, data mining, planning, and self-service BI/data discovery.

The new analytics platform gathers together data from all areas of Maritech Trading, including financials, sales, purchases, inventory, and selected external sources such as the Nasdaq Salmon Index and others.

Unique insight

The package comes with a set of standard, industry-specific reports and KPIs as well as the ability to customize and fine-tune analyses, providing unique insight to seafood companies in setting market and pricing targets and in implementing other performance improvement measures.

“All seafood companies generate large amounts of data through production, processing, transportation and trading. Taken together, the data holds valuable insight into the company’s operation, its markets and customers. However, since the data is typically stored in different databases and systems, the massive amount of manual work needed to extract, analyse and report the data is a practical block to utilizing its full power”

Janne T. Morstøl, CEO of Maritech.

Coast Seafood development partner

Early adopter and development partner utilizing the solution is Coast Seafood. The objective of the development partnership has been for Coast be able to reduce time spent on producing and preparing reports and to increase operational insight, while improving decision-making capabilities. 

“We have so far seen substantial savings in time spent on gathering, analyzing and reporting of data, and moving forward, we expect to achieve more benefits from the insight and analysis the solution provides”

Frode Melsether, Coast CFO