Our LINSiGHT team has moved in

Early this summer, our new colleagues from Lillebakk moved in with our Molde team. Now we are ready for an exciting autumn together.

Lillebakk was acquired by Maritech in April , and will be formally integrated into Maritech Systems from September 1st. After a few hectic weeks of moving, the whole team is now relocated to the Maritech office in Molde.

Automation and IoT

Our new team members are specialists in automation and industrial IoT. Since 2015 Lillebakk have developed the IoT platform LINSiGHT®, a cloud-based solution that collects, systematizes, analyzes and makes data available. LINSiGHT is currently used within seafood, industry, energy and the public sector, and is provided through a network of Norwegian partners. Soon, the services will also be available globally through new and existing Maritech partnerships. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are a potential partner. We look forward to sharing exciting customer cases and news regarding IoT throughout the autumn.

1+1 is 3

“We are pleased to have become a part of Maritech,” says Andre Lillebakk, CTO. “At the moment our most important focus is our existing partners and further development of LINSiGHT, in addition to the practicalities that still remain until we are formally merged with Maritech in a couple of weeks. »

Lillebakk says that the team is already collaborating across several projects, and that joint customer service is just around the corner. “It’s good to have more colleagues behind us, both in terms of development and support. Several of us have worked in projects with Maritech employees before, and we already know each other well. As a part of Maritech, we are now better equipped to grow further globally, while we can take good care of the partners we already have. We also see that we represent important expertise to the rest of Maritech, which is experiencing great curiosity from the market related to IoT and sensory science, both in the logistics and seafood segment.” Lillebakk also reveals that the extended team is now working together to land our first contract in North America, which will give us a flying start regarding what we are going to do together internationally. “

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