Maritech receives innovation grant

The project aims to address a key challenge for companies selling seafood: How to allocate available fish to potential customers in an optimal way.

Together with Møreforskning, Molde University College and Lerøy Seafood Group, Maritech has received 2,2 million NOK in financial support from Forskningsrådet. The aim is to find a way to optimize trading of fish.

The largest exporters buy fish from dozens of suppliers and sell to hundreds of customers, and need to consider the price, size, quality, certifications and logistics when distributing the fish. Additional complications are the uncertainty on the supply side, and the fact that you are selling a fresh product that has to reach the end user very quickly.

Oddvar Husby, Director Analytics Maritech.

In our systems there is a lot of data available that can help, but the sellers lack the time and tools to utilize the data well enough.

We want to develop a mathematical method to optimize the allocation, and develop a software that gives sellers suggestions on how to best distribute the fish in the market. In other words, we want to contribute to automation and optimization in the value chain.

Oddvar Husby, Director Analytics Maritech.