Arnarlax turns to Maritech for integrated seafood software

Arnarlax leads the way in state-of-the art integrated seafood technology with the implementation of Maritech solutions.

Maritech today announced that Arnarlax, the largest farmer and producer of quality salmon in Iceland, has selected Maritech’s software solution to streamline its business processes.  True to its innovative and pioneering spirit, Arnarlax is again leading the way with the launching of its Maritech project, an innovative technology project that links what were previously a stack of separate information systems with a new, world-class web-service based integration, bringing together all of its 3rd party production hardware and software systems through the use of Maritech Trading.

When it came to the choice of a software provider to implementthis ambitious digital expansion, the decision to partner with Maritech, who have over 40 years of experience in developing software for and with the seafood industry, was as clear as the pure Icelandic waters from which the company draws its pristine quality fish stocks. 

It was a major undertaking to introduce a complete new software platform to our business but the end result is an extremely valuable tool in improving customer service, traceability, inventory management, and administrative efficiency. Not only have we integrated our technology, we’ve integrated our people as well. We’ve opened up the opportunity for our staff to become business analysts instead of number crunchers. Time that would have previously been used to enter data and produce reports can now be used to analyse real-time information and spot trends to be taken advantage of, or issues to be addressed.

Kristian Matthíasson, CEO of Arnarlax.

We are very proud of the speed and efficiency of this project, comprising just weeks from planning stage to successful go live. Integration with the Maritech platform means that Arnarlax can now dynamically channel the correct information, enabling decision-making based on real business drivers, ensuring the right information gets to the right people at the right time.

Janne T. Morstøl, CEO of Maritech.

The first phase of this project links order and contracts handling, logistics / warehousing, invoicing, costing, and comprehensive reporting of data gathered from production systems. Planned future phases include cloud based traceability available for customers enriched with more data and data analytics.