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Customer case – Maritech Purchase & Sales

– I would highly recommend other seafood companies to choose Maritech. – Jeff Legge, CEO Eastbound

In the fast-paced world of seafood trade, efficiency and agility are key to staying ahead.  

Recognizing this, Nova Scotia-based Eastbound Seafood, importer and exporter of fresh and frozen seafood, sought to modernize their operations and started using Maritech Purchase & Sales.

Jeff Legge, CEO and owner, says “We wanted modern digital tools to keep track of inventory and sales, and were looking for something tailored for seafood. Until then, we had been using our online accounting system for everything and lacked inventory tracking, as well as system support for other core processes.”  

Multi currencies and inventory tracking 

He continues: “The reason we chose Maritech over other software companies, was because Maritech Purchase & Sales handles multi currencies. Another advantage is that all documents can be saved in one area, easily accessible for our purchase orders and our sales.”

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“Since we’ve been using the Maritech software, our reporting is a good example of a process that is much smoother than before.

Furthermore, if I must go back and see what we have sold to a customer, the date, or to see if there has been a complaint, that is in place and we can easily find it and track everything from the invoice, all the way back to the purchase order. This is obviously much easier for us instead of using spreadsheets, an online file system or so.”

Great team, fantastic product 

“I would also like to mention that it is affordable for a small company like ours. And, of course, we appreciate that it is a cloud-based system that we can use anywhere, anytime. We need to have the flexibility to be able to work and travel at the same time.

I would highly recommend other seafood companies to choose Maritech. They are a pleasure to work with, we get very good support when we need it, and I also appreciate that they could train us online. The team is great, and Maritech Purchase is a fantastic product.”  

Jeff Legge

About Eastbound Seafood

The Atlantic provinces in Canada are well known for their seafood heritage and excellent quality. Located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, seafood trader Eastbound Seafood provides various types of fish and shellfish, catering to Canada, the US, and different parts of Asia.

“We focus mainly on Haddock, Ocean Perch, Lobster, Crab, Greenland Halibut, and Cold-Water Shrimp to the Canadian and US market,” says Eastbound owner and ‘maritimer*’ Legge.

“And whenever the customers want something else, we can help them with that as well. Most of the seafood we sell is caught in our region, however, we also do import when we get orders for other species and products. We have an excellent supplier network and can get you anything” he says.

*People living in the Atlantic provinces in Canada are commonly known as ‘maritimers.’ Generations of families have lived in fishing communities amongst the provinces and have found their meaning by living on the coast and surrounded by the vastness of the ocean.

Maritech Cloud customer case - Eastbound Seafood