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– We save money every day

More and more companies are now choosing to do their own customs clearance. The process is automated in Timpex CMS, so you no longer have to outsource the task to a freight forwarder.

Aalesundfish is one of Norway’s leading seafood companies, and is delivering salmon and whitefish to customers all over the world. They were one of the first seafood exporters to move their customs clearance to Timpex CMS, and have been using the solution since 2011.

Logistics Coordinator Therese J. Kvam says that handling their own customs clearance has been a natural choice for Aalesundfish, and that they can definitely recommend it to others.

“It’s simple, efficient and we save money every single day. Anyone can get started with this – it’s a good way to cut costs, without creating extra work or exposing us to risk. For us, at least, there is no reason not to do the customs clearance ourselves. “

About Aalesundfish

Aalesundfish is one of Norway’s leading seafood suppliers, with roots dating back to the 19th century. The company has been located in Ålesund since 1916, and has since played an active role in the development of the Norwegian seafood industry, especially related to fishing, processing and farming. Today, Aalesundfish delivers whitefish and salmon, and has a turnover of 475 MNOK (2019). The business is based on quality, predictability and a high level of service, made possible through efficient logistics, quality certifications and dedicated employees. AS Aalesundfish has since the autumn of 2019 been part of Aalesundfish Holding, which through its ownership represents a vertically integrated value chain from sea to end customer.


Customer Case - Aalesundfisk, Timpex CMS from Maritech

«The process is automated. What the user has to do is first and foremost to ensure good groundwork, make sure that correct data is entered, to have correct basis in the system – shipping, trade agreements and so on, as well as to check any deviation messages. You must also have expertise in exports and know the rules. The correct information must be registered in Maritech Trading for a correct transfer to Timpex CMS. The system automates both processes, calculations and messages.”

“You will be notified if something is done wrong,” says Kvam. “We also experience that it is simple and intuitive to get new users started. It just works, quite simply – there’s really not much else to say.”


CMS by Maritech

In 2019, Maritech acquired the software company Timpex, which we have worked closely with for many years. Through this, we have strengthened our team, and all Timpex programs are now part of our product portfolio here at Maritech. 

Timpex CMS supports all processes related to handling goods to and from Norway, and ensures efficient and secure customs processing of goods for import, export, transit and control of customs warehouses. The system gives you a full overview of your orders and status of approvals and notifications, and can be used both alone and in combination with Maritech Trading, DigitalSeafood Purchase & Sales and our transport management system Timpex TMS.

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