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Innovation through cooperation

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A close partnership

Since 2010 we* have been the trusted advisor and main logistics software provider for SR Group. A close partnership recognized by mutual learning and innovation.

SR Group is one of Norway’s leading logistics companies, offering transport, logistics, advisory and customs services in all of Norway and also internationally. They started to use Timpex CMS back in 2004 and chose Timpex, now Maritech*, as logistics software partner in 2010.

“SR Group is perhaps the company which makes the best use of our systems. We are very happy that we have this type of customer on board – a customer who places high demands on us, pushing us to think in an innovative way. It is also rewarding to see that we are able to meet these requirements,” says Sales Director Logistics at Maritech, Ove Gjelstenli. “Our strength is in-depth expertise in the transport industry and proximity to the industry. Our team knows the obstacles that SR Group faces. They challenge us. It is through dialogue and interaction that good solutions emerge.”

  • “Maritech’s logistics-team of competent developers and creative employees has contributed to create solutions we are proud of.”

    Roy Kristensen, Assistant CEO / IT & Procurement, SR Group
  • “Timpex TMS and CMS handle all transport and customs clearance in our 6 operating companies. The solutions provide precise logistics information for our customers and suppliers, and also handle SR Group’s invoicing, settlement and cost control.”

    Roy Kristensen, Assistant CEO / IT & Procurement, SR Group
  • “Maritech has been a good partner throughout our growth, together we have developed solutions which streamline our processes.”

    Roy Kristensen, Assistant CEO / IT & Procurement, SR Group

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Developed Timpex Connect

Another example of the close relationship is that SR Group and their partner Subsea Seven were the ones who developed the Timpex Connect product from the start.

“SR Group were out of the gate early and have been involved in developing Connect. This is a product that has helped to differentiate them in tender rounds and has attracted new customers,” says Gjelstenli.

“Especially within the oil industry, where there are strict requirements for sharing information, Connect has been crucial for SR Group. Being able to report that you have delivered, when you have delivered and to the right place, is very important in this industry.”

“Roy Kristensen and SR Group are forward-thinking, eager, and someone who always pushes us to find innovative and good solutions. They have expanded through several acquisitions in recent years and all companies use the Timpex portfolio. We are proud to work closely with them, and look forward to continue innovating together in the future.”


*Maritech acquired Timpex in October 2019

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