Maritech Processing

Valuable and detailed production line ​insight and control –  traceability of all pieces and tracing of all packaging and ingredients


Primary Processing

Monitor and control your yield, calculate and track costs at every stage, and ensure full traceability for your production.

Maritech Primary is a tool that offers you flexible features tailored for all necessary steps for primary seafood production. The system provides advanced yield control throughout all production steps and customizable inventory value calculation. All necessary elements are tracked to ensure that all finished products can be traced back to both raw material lots and origin and packaging lots. The bill of materials and production details handle various costs to ensure correct inventory value on the finished goods. Track & Trace, periodical cost reports, prognoses, reporting and inventory management are other examples of the functionality available for you in the system.  


Maritech Processing enables you to control and measure your waste, from both primary and secondary processing. In Primary processing, you also get by-product control.

In connection with data from all other parts of the processing value chain, this information makes it easier to identify factors that increase or can reduce waste in your plant. It also allows you to benchmark and compare different plants, to optimize processes across different units resulting in a more sustainable and profitable business, overall.

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Value-added Processing

Maritech Secondary Processing is a tool that offers flexible features containing all necessary steps for producing consumer finished goods.

The solution allows you to accurately allocate costs to all stages of production, manage production and planning through user defined BOMs, while providing full traceability for all raw materials, packaging, and finished goods. You get full overview of raw materials used vs. finished goods, and the recipe and production details handle various costs to ensure accurate inventory valuation on all finished goods. Increased focus by both government and markets on sustainability and traceability requires software solutions that meet these demands. 

Maritech Secondary Processing tracks all necessary elements to ensure that both raw materials and packaging are traced to the finished goods.

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