Maritech TMS

– Full control of profit and carbon footprint

Next generation TMS, born in cloud

A visual tool for optimising orders and trip planning, for economic and operational control.

With seamless integration to your existing systems, customers, carriers, and truck drivers, Maritech TMS offers a complete solution tailored to all your needs. Wether you’re a carrier or a forwarder.

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Operational and Financial Control

Gain unparalleled operational and financial control over your assignments and trips. Our system leverages automation and integration to streamline your processes and maximize efficiency. From administration of the basic register to invoicing assignments, we cover the entire lifecycle of transportation management.

Maritech TMS is built on modern, open technology, ensuring compatibility and scalability. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing ERP system, providing a unified experience. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive workflows, Maritech TMS will make you work smarter and faster.

Dashboard Map Maritech TMS

Seamless Process Support

The following processes are supported in Maritech TMS:

  • Administration of the basic register  
  • Create/manage transportation orders  
  • Creating / managing trips  
  • Transport planning (assignment/trip)  
  • Award of transport assignments  
  • Monitoring the transport assignment   
  • Communication with the driver (Confirm)  
  • Communication with supplier (EDI / API)  
  • Communication with customer (Connect/EDI/API)  
  • Quality control of transport assignments  
  •  Pricing of assignments  
  • Invoicing assignments  
  • Clearing carrier  
  • Control of incoming invoice  
  • Control of incoming settlement  
  • Reports and analytics 
Dashboard Maritech TMS

Best TCO through overview and control

Our platform offers enhanced control, better user experience, and faster, more efficient workflows. Focus on deviations instead of manual tasks. Gain increased visibility into processes and receive real-time notifications for deviations. Seamlessly connect with customers through our customer portal for real-time information sharing. Communicate efficiently with suppliers using our powerful EDI engine. Integrate with ERP systems for cost control and financial visibility. Benefit from full integration with Maritech CMS and a live map solution for trips and assignments. Ensure compliance with GHG reporting and leverage our cloud integration engine and open API. Gain insights with the Maritech Data Platform and access e-learning resources. Streamline your transportation management with Maritech TMS.

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