Timpex Connect  

With a cloud-based booking system, you can simplify the flow of information between transport buyers and sellers.

The overview you need

By using Timpex Connect, you get a full overview and control of ordered transport, goods on the road and completed assignments.

Timpex Connect allows transport buyers to ensure quality and monitor orders in the same solution. The dashboard for orders is based on current information and historical data, and the buyer makes simple and flexible orders directly to the carrier.

This allows you to take advantage of simple and automated document processing on every shipment, automatic price request and electronic price approval. The system also gives your customers access to the information that is often requested – 24/7: Order / transport order, price calculation, Track & Trace, Document Center – internal and external, statistics and integrations.

Customer-driven innovation

Our customer SR Group and their partner Subsea Seven were actually the ones who developed the Timpex Connect product from the start.

– SR Group was out early and has been involved in developing Connect. This is a product that has helped to differentiate them in tender rounds and has attracted new customers, says Ove Gjelstenli, Sales Director Logistics, Maritech.

– Especially in the oil industry where there are strict requirements for information sharing, Connect has been crucial for SR Group. Being able to report that you have delivered, when you have delivered and to the right place, is very important in this industry.


Maritech customer case - SR Group

Booking, tracking, reports

By offering Timpex Connect to your customers, you achieve a closer collaboration with them. Electronic booking saves valuable time, and the charterer only needs to make simple adjustments to the assignments. If your customer books electronically, the chance of errors and deviations is reduced.

Through the Access module in Connect, you can offer your customers tracking, document sharing, reports, transport price, invoice copies and synchronization of customer numbers. Everything that is registered on the customer’s number becomes visible in their own Connect, which gives them full control and an overview of all assignments with tracking.

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