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Customer Case – Maritech Purchase & Sales


New Jersey-based WD Seafood is a wholesale company that imports Norwegian salmon, both whole and filleted, and serves customers across the US.

Since 2022, they have been using Maritech Purchase & Sales. “Handling our imports and sales processes is ten times faster and much simpler in the cloud. The system works very well for our needs”, says co-founder/Managing Director Adam Day.

“We initially started using Maritech Trading several years ago, before transitioning to the cloud with Maritech Purchase & Sales. It’s simple to use and fits our requirements. I needed a system that`s available on the go. It provides immediate access to all the necessary information. Additionally, I appreciate using templates; they allow me to efficiently manage all my orders.”

Next up: Maritech Scanning

Day says that they are now also starting to use Maritech Scanning, integrated with Maritech Purchase & Sales.

“We receive all our shipments via JFK, and I must print out all the papers and import all the data for each of them. Maritech Scanning will eliminate all of this, making life easier and saving more time. My goal is to go completely digital, eliminate all printing, and not be tied to a physical location. A barcode is a barcode.

I aim to have the flexibility to simply bring my laptop and be fully virtual and mobile. Thanks to Maritech’s cloud-based tools, I can achieve that.”

WD Seafood - Customer Case Maritech Purchase & Sales

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