Smart Production
and IoT

Optimize your production, and save costs and energy

Towards a smarter factory

With our LINSiGHT IoT platform, you can easily control your production and identify optimization potential.

Operational monitoring of all your automation systems saves you time, costs and energy. A must have for all companies aiming to be as green and efficient as possible. We can set up alarms and data collection from all relevant systems in your production line, hardware independent. We connect to existing hardware, and can also provide new hardware when needed. You only need to use one system to access the information, and can set up dashboard monitors in the factory or office area displaying the live status of your selected processes, equipment and so on. 

We also provide complete BMS/BAS systems for your factory, giving you a complete overall view, combining data from production, sensors and the electric grid. Operational monitoring retrieves data from sensors and can register e.g. temperature, energy consumption, water use, doors, storage, alarms, maintenance status and other critical data in your production line. Transparency and real time output make data available at all times, independent of individuals.  

  • “Maritech’s software streamlines our production and gives us the necessary tools to save time and costs.”

    Jørn Husøy, ICT Manager, Vikenco
  • “Maritech´s IoT solution makes Vikenco able to control our processes through monitoring, visualizing and alarm systems”.

    Jørn Husøy, ICT Manager, Vikenco

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Where to start?

Operational monitoring/Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) is an example of a potentially low-hanging fruit for many different types of seafood producing companies, regardless of size and technological competence. Your existing equipment can be connected to the LINSiGHT IoT platform, and your input/output can be customized to your company’s needs. It is also easy to scale, so you can expand according to what suits your requirements best. Get in touch with us if you would like to discuss the potential value for your company.

With LINSiGHT in production you will easily avoid untimely production stops, and can plan the maintenance of your machines to appropriate times. You get valuable decision-support that enables you to act proactive and agile. The result is a more streamlined and productive production line. And – you do not have to be physically on-site to do manual check-ups, as you are able to regulate and monitor the systems from the office or at home. 

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