Maritech Packing

The easy way to manage your seafood packing and labelling.


Smart, simple and integrated

Maritech Packing is a modern and flexible system to manage production, orders, weighing and labelling.

With Maritech Packing you get a full overview of today’s orders, incoming goods, outgoing goods and stock levels, and the system generates necessary documents for shipment. Management of different handling units such as boxes, pallets, and lot-controlled batches are standard features, as is handling variable weights or weight conversion from kg to lbs for different markets. You can receive bookings directly in the system, send status messages for monitoring and send data when you are finished.

During production, you can monitor the production, update orders and send new packing instructions. After production, you recieve data from the packing system, your inventory is updated, finished orders are confirmed, and boxes are automatically allocated on planned orders.

Easy and efficient labelling

Maritech EasyLabel is a user-friendly and flexible tool for label design, integrated in Maritech Packing.

New labels can quickly be established and sent to different printers, the user can see how the label will look by using the on-screen preview or preview by e-mail for approval. Adjustments can also be easily done as new needs arise.

Every new customer-specific label comes with specific requirements based on language, date formats, item barcodes, and even individual logos. This means low costs when establishing new labels. By enabling the users who are most knowledgeable about the packing requirements to take control of label creation, you save valuable time and money. The result is an agile label process that enables you to quickly comply with industry and customer requirements and standards. Rules for selecting labels based on item and customer are defined in Maritech Packing, Maritech has also established a rich set of macros that represent values stored in the database. These can easily be placed on the label template. You can also make custom macros using SQL-queries.

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