Purchase & Sales

Hey Sales team! We know that you have crazy days and not a second to waste. 

There is an easier way

Improve your margins and get rid of manual processes. Access all your tools and documents – anywhere, anytime.

Even though you are super efficient, you do not have to do everything yourself anymore. With a complete set of new cloud-based tools tailored for seafood trading, you can now automate many of the processes you are handling manually today, for example in Excel sheets and Google Docs.

Buy and sell seafood with full control of your inventory, margins, customers and vendors, with easy access to all the documentation and information you need.

Total control, easy to use 

Maritech Purchase & Sales is the world-leading cloud application streamlining seafood procurement and sales from any device, anywhere.

You get full and verifiable traceability from origin to customer, to comply with requirements from customer, government and certifications bodies. Certifications and other documentation can of course be included in the system and attached to your sales or purchase orders.

We automate your processes for importing data, as well as invoicing and document flow for more effective handling and reducing manual errors.

Ask us to show you how it works and how easily you can get started!

Full overview of your sales, inventory, customers, and margins in Maritech Purchase & Sales

What you get

Our customers say that these are some of their favourite features: Industry-tailored item attributes, multiple units of measure and currencies, manual entry or import from packing, inventory value, costing and margin control. As well as efficient box-level tracking and pricing ensure that orders flow through accurately on time and in margin.

Some of the other tools you get, are purchase with box/pallet level put-away and inventory tracking, sales with box/pallet picking, and inventory dashboard for snapshot insight and decision making.

Here you can read more about how you can earn more with modern, cloud-based tools tailored for seafood. 


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No need for servers or manual updates

All our cloud software is delivered as SaaS – Software as a Service, built in Microsoft Azure – easily-managed, flexible, and scalable tools, available whenever you want, wherever you are. You pay a monthly fee per user, instead of having to handle local servers, installations, updates, security ++ yourself.


Analytics as a part of Maritech Purchase & Sales

The overview you need

When you implement Maritech Purchase & Sales, Analytics reports are also included. Get a deeper insight into up-to-the-minute pricing, margin, and sales trends, with all the information you need in one dashboard. You can access data from many sources in one portal, and use dashboards to share insights and performance across your organization.

This way you can easily turn data into insights with customizable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for reporting that help you move from reactive to proactive decision-making in real-time. Avoid spending time comparing and reconciling data from multiple spreadsheets — hours that could be better spent running your business.

Screenshot from Maritech Document Service

Are you a seafood farmer?

Maritech Purchase & Sales provides full cost control from slaughterhouse or packing plant to customer, and gives insight into all cost elements to optimize your processes. You receive data from the packing plant electronically provided with full traceability. Ensure you are selling your fish at the best possible market price using our pre-formatted market insight and analysis tools.

To store and send documents and collaborate up and down the supply chain without additional software, the system includes Maritech Document Service. The solution allows you to produce and maintain all required documents to work with vendors, customers, transporters, and other players in the supply chain rapidly, securely, and without additional software. You can add a CV to your LOT, and automatically link it to all related sales.