Accelerator chooses Maritech

“We have great confidence in our new partnership and what we are currently doing together.”

Martine Møller, Logistics and Commercial Development Manager, Accelerator


Maritech TMS + Analytics, Timpex CMS, Confirm and Connect

“Everyone in our team is satisfied with the Maritech process, and the new systems will give us a significant boost,” Møller says.

The freight and logistics company Accelerator provides services in road, air, and sea transport worldwide. After a successful pre-project earlier this year, we are pleased to announce that they have now chosen Maritech as a partner and total supplier of business systems. The agreement includes the new transport management system Maritech TMS, Maritech Analytics, the customs solution Timpex CMS, the driver app Timpex Confirm, the booking system Timpex Connect, and integration with Visma.Net, Nordea Finance, WMS Ongoing, and more.


Doing it for the customers

“We are doing this primarily for our customers,” says Møller. “With a better system and integrations, we can offer our customers services that have not been possible with our current systems. When the new solutions are in place, we will increase customer satisfaction and provide a better customer journey for our customers’ customers. We want to strengthen our connection with them by providing key information for a smooth logistics flow. We also look forward to offering our agents, as well as having opportunities with suppliers, to achieve much better communication flow.”

Successful pre-project

“In the pre-project we did with Maritech, we conducted a thorough mapping of all processes. How we do things today and, most importantly, what is essential going forward. A process we work with today may not be a process we should continue with; we want to automate as much as possible of what is done manually today.

This way, we can simplify, save time, and eliminate sources of error. Manual routines also create errors in our analyses and make it cumbersome for us to extract reports and gain the insight we need without manual manipulation and combining various statistics. Reading the contribution margin for a single customer is obtained today by gathering information from several different systems and manually stitching it together. That’s rarely a good way to do it.”

"We have great confidence in our partnership with Maritech," says Martine Møller, Logistics and Commercial Development Manager, Accelerator

Value the Norwegian team

“Everyone in our team is satisfied with the Maritech project,” she continues. “It not only provided information useful in this specific project, but we also gained insight and many ‘aha’ moments along the way. It was valuable, regardless of everything. Fundamentally, the pre-project with Maritech’s work process and project format is a major reason why we chose Maritech. In addition, we knew some of the people at Maritech from before, from the Timpex days, and we find that they share many of the same values as us at Accelerator.”

“We consider it a clear advantage that the team is based in Norway and develops everything here. I would also highlight how Maritech works with new regulations from authorities, Customs, and the like. It is essential to be well-informed and engaged, and we find that Maritech is ahead of the game. We appreciate good dialogue and discussions that involve both challenges and future choices.”


Skilled people + good systems

“The combination of experienced, knowledgeable, skilled people and good systems is something we have great confidence in. I think Maritech has assembled a very good team for us, and much of the effort laid out at the beginning — I love the way they work — has allowed both us and Maritech to bring the right people into the project. From both sides, there has been a focus on ensuring that the result is as good as possible, rather than reaching the finish line as quickly as possible.”

Møller says the sobriety in planning the project is also a positive experience she would like to highlight. “Both the scope and the timeframe are easy to understand and relate to. I like having realistic deadlines, and together we have contributed to quality in both planning and now during implementation. When we work this way, it creates enormous confidence. The project is led within the framework, and we have a clear understanding of how we reach the goals we set together along the way. We enjoy being a demanding customer and want to develop on a broad level to enable our own customers to do the same.”


A natural choice

“I have also worked on creating various EDI integrations with carriers, connecting to the TMS we have today, and see how long things take. When I saw how a carrier we use a lot was setting up EDI exchange and only took five minutes to get everything ready from their side, I was truly impressed. They use the old Timpex TMS, but it’s the same people. It was the kind of response that I highly appreciate.”

“When you talk to suppliers, you quickly hear where their interest lies. Maritech gave us a sense of security; we really feel that they want us to succeed. All our leaders gave the same feedback when choosing a supplier.”

Møller explains that there is a significant commitment internally. “Not many hours go by without someone asking how it’s going. Everyone is curious, engaged, and, most importantly, willing to change. It is incredibly positive when every employee around you cheers for the project. It is not self-evident. Also, there we match well with Maritech; we share the desire to move forward, do new things, and develop further. We are very satisfied so far and look forward to getting this in place,” she concludes.


“An inspiring and forward-thinking customer.”

Senior consultant Hanna Verås leads the Accelerator project from Maritech’s side and says they are a highly skilled group that is rewarding to work with.

“I perceive Accelerator as a forward-thinking customer with great breadth in its operational activities. This allows them to challenge and push Maritech and our solutions in a good direction. They are truly passionate about good logistics and have many ideas and suggestions for improvements and functionality.

With the decision to implement Maritech TMS, we feel that Accelerator wants to take a step into the future. We at Maritech are proud that Accelerator has chosen us as a supplier and look forward to the collaboration ahead.”

Hanna Verås - Project Manager Maritech


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