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With Auto-TVINN you can automate and handle your own customs clearance, easily and efficiently. 


Automate your customs clearance with Auto-TVINN

An increasing number of companies are choosing to do their own customs clearance, easily automated in our Timpex CMS.

Timpex CMS supports all processes related to handling goods to and from your country, and ensures efficient and secure customs processing of goods for import, export, transit and control of customs warehouses. All you have to do is to ensure entering the correct data, the rest is automated. 

The system provides a full overview of your orders and status of approvals and notifications, and can be used both alone and in combination with Maritech Trading, DigitalSeafood Purchase & Sales and our transport management system Timpex TMS.

The Transit module allows the car to drive all the way to the finish line without stopping. In addition, Advance Notice is a separate module, a solution developed after 9/11. Advance Notice of goods must be sent to all countries outside the EU in order for the authorities to get an overview of which goods are coming. Based on this notification, they choose who to check and take random samples from.

Saving money every day

Aalesundfish were one of the first seafood exporters to move their customs clearance to Timpex CMS, and have been using the solution since 2011.

Logistics Coordinator Therese J. Kvam says that handling their own customs clearance has been a natural choice for Aalesundfish, and that they can definitely recommend it to others.

“It’s simple, efficient and we save money every single day. Anyone can get started with this – it’s a good way to cut costs, without creating extra work or exposing us to risk. For us, at least, there is no reason not to do the customs clearance ourselves. “


Customer Case - Aalesundfisk, Timpex CMS from Maritech

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