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Maritech Purchase & Sales

Team Arnarlax is extremely satisfied with the decision to upgrade to Maritech Purchase & Sales. 

Kjersti Haugen, former CCO. 


Arnarlax has previously been using Maritech Trading, and did the switch over to the Cloud and Purchase & Sales during spring 2023.

No one here has any regrets about choosing the new software,” Haugen said.

“It is really good, simple to use and is saving us a lot of time. Many of us were apprehensive about the switch from the old to the new systems, but those fears turned out to be unfounded.”

A seamless transition

The seamless transition from Maritech Trading was impressive. We were worried about potential disruptions during the switch, but it went off without a hitch. Maritech’s support was outstanding, and the new system itself is excellent. It is transformed our operations.

Learning it was incredibly smooth, thanks to the exceptional support we got. It was trouble-free. Fortunately, all our worries were for nothing.”

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Extremely satisfied

“The enhanced efficiency and user-friendliness of Maritech Purchase & Sales have been game-changers. The reporting capabilities are robust, streamlining our processes. Plus, it is highly adaptable to our specific needs, crucial in our industry.

We’re extremely satisfied with our decision to upgrade to Maritech Purchase & Sales. It has transformed our operations for the better, and we have no regrets. The support and the product itself have been top-notch, and we look forward to a promising future with Maritech.”  

In summary, Arnarlax’s transition to Maritech Purchase & Sales has been a success, elevating their efficiency and streamlining their operations. Another happy customer in the books! 


Arnarlax chose Maritech Purchase & Sales

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