The Kingfish Company

“We are very satisfied with the systems and implementation projects.”

Kingfish partnered with Maritech

Through several recent projects, we have cooperated closely with The Kingfish Company, our first Maritech Cloud customer in the Netherlands.

The Kingfish Company is a leading land-based farmer of Yellowtail Kingfish, located in Zeeland and currently also establishing a plant in Maine, US. In November 2022, they started using Maritech Purchase & Sales and Maritech Packing. Since then, we have continued working closely together and have built a strong relationship. Recently, The Kingfish Company also went live with LINSiGHT MES production plant monitoring from Maritech. This has been a significant project involving the integration of all equipment in the factory with their production systems, Maritech Purchase & Sales and Maritech Packing.

Wanted a scalable system

“We are scaling our business and needed new tools that enable us to reach our goals. Now, we have optimized our workflow, as the Maritech software is fully integrated and absorbs the side-stream of information. We are very satisfied with both the result and the implementation project,” said Cees-Jan Bastiaansen, former Head of Quality & Sustainability, a few weeks after the Maritech Purchase & Sales + Packing go-live.

“The project management was key to success as we realize the system’s full potential. We worked closely together in sprints, had a clear specification, and both parties committed to investing time and energy in the project. We received the right help at the right time during the implementation phase which was very well received by our team.”

Kingfish chose seafood software from Maritech

Data-driven production planning

The goal of our most recent project together, related to LINSiGHT MES production plant monitoring, was to provide a comprehensive overview of the facility and leverage decision support from LINSiGHT in the planning and control of daily production.

LINSiGHT now uses sales orders received in Maritech Purchase & Sales as a basis to daily provide production suggestions. These suggestions include identifying the most suitable production tanks for harvesting fish for the day’s production. All the information gathered by LINSiGHT from the production process is presented in real-time reports within the factory and is accessible to the management.

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From supplier to partner

At our Norwegian Maritech Days event in June, we were delighted to welcome three key resources from The Kingfish Company. They spent time with us at our head office in Molde, joined us at the two-day event in Ålesund, and went to visit some of our other customers together with members of our own team.

During the customer event, Petra Ruiter, Supply Chain Manager, held an excellent presentation where she shared their experiences throughout and after their first project with us. These are her key takeaways:

  • Success!
  • Easy entry of data
  • Less data to enter → automatically done by system
  • Increase of productivity
  • Easy label design, superfast label printing & reprinting
  • Faster re-allocation of boxes, reverse orders & repacking
  • Insight on the work floor from the office → live screens
  • Insight in data in one place → Analytics for harvest, processing, sales, inventory, external processing, etc.
  • Insight for all stakeholders → Processing, quality, supply chain, sales, production, finance, etc.
  • Maritech support & contact; always a fast reply on questions!


We are eagerly looking forward to continuing our further collaboration, as we explore new ways of digitalizing and innovating the seafood industry.

About The Kingfish Company

The Kingfish Company mission is to be a first-mover in technology driven aquaculture, and a market leader in land-based sustainable production of Dutch Yellowtail.

With an optimally located site on the shores of the Oosterschelde marine nature reserve in the Netherlands servicing the EU market daily, full cycle hatchery, an on-site R&D facility, and an advanced grow-out system; and a 2nd site in development in Jonesport Maine for the US market, The Kingfish Company is operating at the cutting edge of sustainable, land based, high value marine aquaculture in the EU and the US.