Warehouse Management

Simplify your warehouse management and third-party logistics with WMS software from Maritech.

Improving your margins

Do you have full control of your warehouse?

Optimal inventory management pays off quickly, and there can be a lot to gain from automating processes and digitizing documentation.

A Warehouse Management System (WMS) from Maritech can be a valuable tool for anyone who has independent warehousing or organizes warehousing for their customers. Managed trough the system, your processes related to inventory management can be handled efficient and easy. You keep track of your and/or customers´ goods, when it is placed in stock and retrieved. When you enter the items, they can be easily imported from your own or the customer’s order system. You can handle product placement in different locations, and allocate items to orders.

We offer WMS solutions as a part of both our seafood and logistics portfolio, and also have software tailored for third-party logistics. Read more further down on this page.


Coast Seafood were one of the pilot customers in the development of Maritech Supply Chain

Are you a seafood company?

Maritech’s seafood-specific Warehouse Management System is designed to help reduce costs through effective warehouse processes. It is aimed at those companies that need to receive and ship goods while maintaining an optimum utilization of space and knowing specifically where all goods are stored at any given time. Physical locations can be set up to contain racking, or set different positions based on pallets in racks. You may also define storage with optional placement. Items can be allocated from storage by using predefined packing lists that determines the exact location and units. Or you may select items from stock without considering the specific location.

The items are labelled with barcodes, and the process of selecting items is conducted using scanners. When items are allocated from storage, and are being transported further to customers, it is crucial that this is conducted as fast and efficiently as possible due to deadlines. Maritech WMS provides an at-a-glance visual overview of the storage locations and where the items to be allocated are placed. You also get functionality such as visual placement of items in stock, barcodes for placement registration and to ensure the correct item is selected, overview of outgoing orders, and remaining items on order.

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Third-party logistics

In January 2021, EDI-Systems became a part of Maritech, strengthening our team with leading expertise and software within the field of the third-party logistics.

For decades, the team from EDI-Systems have specialized in WMS systems for warehouse hotels and cold storage. Since 1996, they have built a leading position in the Norwegian market, and the EDI-Systems solutions are used by a broad range of seafood companies and other companies that rent out cold storage services.

Announcing the acquisition in August 2020, our CEO Odd Arne Kristengård said: “We are delighted to welcome EDI-Systems as the newest members of the Maritech team. Their solutions, customers and expertise are a natural fit with our business and further plans. Many of our customers already use their systems; they will benefit from an improved cold storage integration. EDI-Systems also delivers solutions for quality registration for fisheries and that likewise will be a good fit in the Maritech product range. At the same time, we will strengthen our expertise regarding 3rd-party warehousing and will now cover an even larger part of the value chain in the seafood industry. Furthermore, this acquisition also represents opportunities in other industries, related to new and existing logistics customers.”