Timpex Confirm

A mobile app that simplifies the flow of information and enables a closer collaboration between drivers and your transport management team

Real-time updates and full assignment overview

With Timpex Confirm, drivers get full visibility and real-time updates.

Timpex Confirm is a mobile app designed to streamline the flow of information and foster closer collaboration between driversand transport management. The app establishes a live connection between the TMS and Confirm, ensuring that any changes or updates made by the transport management are immediately reflected in the chauffeur’s app. This real-time sync enables seamless coordination and facilitates efficient task execution.

Effortless communication and better precision

Timpex Confirm changes the way drivers and transport management communicate and document events. By utilizing this app, both the carrier and driver can ensure the highest level of quality assurance and follow-up on assignments. Whether it’s single transportation tasks or complete trips, transport management can effortlessly dispatch them to chauffeurs through their Transport Management System (TMS), which seamlessly integrates with Confirm. These assignments are then automatically added to the chauffeur’s work list within the Confirm app.

As drivers complete pick-ups and deliveries, these events are documented in Timpex TMS or Maritech TMS, complete with signatures, timestamps, map positions, images, and driver comments. Additionally, drivers can scan waybills or package labels for easy identification of their work or manually record the assignment. Furthermore, they can add details such as mileage, temperature, or any deviations if needed. With the ability to upload images directly to the TMS system, drivers can ensure accurate and reliable information exchange.

Timpex Confirm Customer

A valuable asset for the logistics industry

Timpex Confirm has become a valuable tool for our customers in the logistics industry. Transport managers and drivers can now work hand-in-hand to guarantee order quality and monitor operations effectively. The intuitive dashboard, fueled by up-to-date information and historical data, enables buyers to place simple and flexible orders directly with the carrier, further streamlining the logistics process.

Timpex Confirm caters to carriers and drivers, as well as transport management professionals who are seeking an efficient and reliable solution to enhance their communication and optimize their operations. Simplify your workflows and take the front seat with Timpex Confirm!

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