Analytics for logistics

Sustainability reporting, Finance Reporting, and dashboards visualizing capacity utilization, delivery precision, transport corridors ++.

More efficient, profitable and sustainable operations

You are responsible for many vehicles, routes and customers.

We know that it is demanding to gain enough insights to be able to improve and streamline operations through an Excel sheet or a shared Google document. You also have enormous amounts of data that we can help you connect and transform into valuable knowledge.

Maritech Analytics for Logistics is a set of new cloud-based tools that gives you a complete overview of data on customers, suppliers, transport corridors, invoicing rate, capacity utilization and delivery precision. The information is visualized in dashboards, providing both overview and detailed knowledge, to make it easier to identify the adjustments needed to streamline the flow of goods, and increase profitability and sustainability.

Sustainability reporting

With connected data from all trips, you can make the best possible use of your means of transport and save both the environment and your resources.

Sustainability reporting is one of the new services you may include in your Maritech Analytics Logistics. You get detailed information and documentation regarding the amount of emissions from your activities, and can automate the calculations of CO2 emissions from both single transports and several trips within a category, a project or a period. The system measures trends and allows you to set up comparisons, in order to make adjustments and see what has worked best. You can also estimate different scenarios, where you calculate the effect of different routes and means of transport.

The new environmental reporting is tailored for the transport industry, and in line with the EU Taxonomy and the Action Plan for Sustainable Finance.

Illustrasjon miljørapportering for logistikk fra Maritech

Analytics + Timpex TMS

Maritech Analytics for logistics is integrated with our transport management system Timpex TMS. You can now easily analyze, visualize and compare details from all registered trips to gain new insights and get even better control. You get a precise overview of e.g. turnover, traffic flow, delivery precision and degree of filling.

The solution includes several tailor-made reports to give you a flying start.

Financial reporting

Financial reporting in Maritech Analytics is particularly suitable for complex companies with several companies in one group.

We experience that the vast majority of complex companies need a better overview of consolidated accounts and balance sheets, and can have a lot to gain from getting easier and faster access to the data you need. With accounting reports in Analytics, you can compare data at group level and easily get an overview of the total.

In addition, you can link accounting figures to Timpex TMS and get overall visualization in the Analytics dashboard. You save valuable time and ensure a better foundation for your decision-making.

Leverage the value of your data

Are your decisions based on what you assume or what you know?

Data Science is one of our most important focus areas, and we have an extremely skilled team that works closely with our customers to support them in turning data  into valuable insights.

In addition to our standardized solutions and reports, we are happy to help you tailor the reports you need. We can also offer consulting services and major projects related to seafood and logistics.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more, and see how you can simplify reporting and leverage the value of the data in your company.

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