Document Service

Automate, access and manage shipment documentation, invoices and orders.

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Streamline the creation and flow of business-critical documents with an integrated and cloud-based seafood document management solution.

Maritech’s Document Service solution is specifically designed for seafood exporters and traders to easily automate and manage shipment documentation, invoices and orders and see all the documents collected from the supply chain. You can automatically send relevant documents to your customers or other stakeholders, as a group or individually.

Maritech Document Service

Different customers and types of sales demand different documents and documentation. Instead of spending a lot of time doing manual work and sending e-mails which are not easily traceable to the actual order, you can get full control and traceability using Document Service. It is easy to exchange documents as needed, and set up commands to send documents automatically according to customer-specific regulations and requirements.

All documents associated with a customer shipment can be uploaded and grouped together, and you can easily add documents manually or automatically from your system and vendors. A listing of all receptions and invoices will also be displayed so origin information of stock can be accessed and relevant documents (such as a Fish CV) can be uploaded and attached. 


Business rules built into the workflow ensure all procedures are followed every time, and that documents reach the right people on time. The solution also ensures document compliance, allowing you to easily generate shipping documents to file with government agencies and create a complete audit trail.

Document Service is included when you buy Maritech Purchase & Sales. Here are some examples of documents ideal for handling in the solution: Orders, invoices, proforma invoices, receptions, pallet reports, packing lists, Fish CVs or Landing Note Histories (Catch Certificate), Sanitary (Health) Certificates, Cites and other MSC Certification Documents, Shipping and Container Documents (Transport Container Manifest and Seal Nos), and Bills of Landing. 

At a glance

You get the complete overview of documents related to inventory batch, invoice and order, and can easily generate and auto-send documents to stakeholders (customers and 3rd party shippers, etc.) from within the document portal. External systems will also be able to send relevant documents (such as a CV from Fishtalk) into the document management service. All sent documents will be logged (with the date and time) and visible and trackable in the document management system.

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