Sustainability reporting

See how you now can automate your CO2 reporting related to transport, and ensure compliance according to the EU taxonomy. 


How do you prepare for new sustainability regulations and reporting requirements?

You do not have to do it alone, and it is certainly easier to handle when you have digital tools that can help you automate, save valuable time and enable you to track and reduce your emissions.

With Maritech Sustainability Reporting, you get detailed information and documentation regarding the emissions from your transport activities and can automate the calculations of CO2–emissions from both single means of transport and several trips within a category, a project, or a period. The system measures trends and allows you to set up comparisons to adjust and see what worked best. You can also estimate different scenarios to calculate the effect of various routes and means of transport.

In line with the EU Taxonomy

The information is visualized in dashboards, providing both overview and detailed knowledge of e.g., turnover, traffic flow, delivery precision, and degree of filling. With connected data from all trips, you can easily analyze and compare details from all registered trips, and gain new insight and better control.

Sustainability reporting is included in Maritech Analytics Logistics, and integrated with our transport management system Timpex TMS.  Of course, it can also be integrated with other TMS systems. The solution is tailored for the transport industry and is in line with the EU Taxonomy and the Action Plan for Sustainable Finance.

Sustainability Reporting by Maritech - tailored for logistics


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