Queuing up for Maritech TMS


One year after the launch, many customers are eager to get started with cloud based transport management with us.

– The pilot projects have been successful, and the first customers have now implemented the system in their daily operations,” says Ove Gjelstenli, Business Development Manager.

– Nordvest Transport was the first to go live, and they have been operational for several months now. In early September, we also launched GeSi Shipping, which is part of the SR Group. Feedback from both companies is that they are very satisfied and have already experienced a simpler and more efficient workday. Some of the benefits they specifically mention include the real-time map solution, proactive features, smart material planning, and the system’s accessibility anytime, anywhere.


We’re ready to take you to the cloud!

Now that the pilot phase is complete, we are beginning the process of transitioning all our customers to the cloud. “Many of them are very proactive and are already well underway with conducting pilot projects with us. We have a strong team ready to assist existing customers in moving to the new platform and to implement entirely new customers who have patiently waited over the past year.”

– It is evident that many in the industry are aware of the benefits they can achieve by digitizing work processes, both in terms of simplification and margins. In the new TMS, it has become much easier to optimize both financial management and trip planning, with full visibility into aspects such as margins and assignments. You can also seamlessly connect with your customers through the customer portal and communicate efficiently with your suppliers – directly from the system via EDI. Environmental reporting is another good example, where you can obtain automatic documentation and analysis of emissions, filling levels, and route choices. For many businesses, a significant amount of time can be saved compared to doing this manually.

Maritech TMS team

– There is also significant interest in Firmadok, with whom we partnered in May of this year. We are now in the process of testing the new integration, and we can already see that the combination of Firmadok and Maritech TMS is going to be extremely valuable for many transportation companies – especially when used together with Maritech Analytics. Data from all vehicles flows directly into the system, allowing you to have real-time control and automatic documentation of driving and rest times, maintenance, and more. Time tracking and driver wage calculations are automatically updated, verified, and sent directly to the payroll system.


See us at Transport og Logistikk 2023!

Now we are truly looking forward to showcasing all of this at the Transport og Logistikk trade fair. We will have a team of experts on hand to demonstrate both Maritech TMS, Maritech Analytics, and Firmadok. Stian Skjelbred, the founder of Firmadok, will also be joining us this time.

So, come and say hi to us at booth C01-09, and feel free to ask any questions!