Quality Tracking

Simplify your quality control inspections with digital forms linked to key fields in your system

Easy to enter, easy to find

Quality Inspection data are often logged on clipboards, then stored in binders, using hundreds of paper forms. When a required action is missed or key data isn’t entered, it can lead to major problems. Audits are slow and stressful when critical data is stored in binders and filing cabinets. Filed paper can’t be mined to provide insight into trends and emerging problems for process improvement.  

With our new Quality Tracking tool, you can create all Quality Control inspections as digital forms, optimized for use on handhelds and touchscreens. Inspections can be linked to key data fields in your main system, ensuring better traceability and compliance. Required fields and rules can be integrated into the inspection form to ensure critical control points and corrective actions are enforced and a record of the event is easily accessible for investigation and process improvement.  

Quality Tracking – at a glance

  • Users can create an unlimited number of quality inspection forms, using drag and drop form elements designed to make data entry easy when users log the inspections.  
  • You can easily define Quality Control tests with accepted values, tolerance values, and sample size specifications. 
  • The solution is cloud-based and optimized for handhelds and touchscreens, form design elements ensure all required fields are filled and out of limit parameters are flagged.  
  • You can display corrective actions from within the inspection.  
  • You can digitally preserve all records and ensure audit standards for regulatory and customer quality compliance are met.  
  • Maritech Quality Tracking can be used as part of a formal HACCP plan.  
  • Inspections can reference and be linked to keys from DigitalSeafoodTM such as Lot Codes, Pallet Nos. Purchase and Sales Orders, and more. 
  • Custom PDF Reports are included.
  • You can combine external data with your own.