Maritech Packing Monitor

New in1 Now you don’t have to call the packing plant for status updates anymore. 


With Maritech Packing Monitor you always have the full overview with real-time data from the packing process.

The new Analytics tool integrates data from the packing system and Maritech Purchase & Sales, providing a detailed analysis of the packing status and live information on fish available for sales and distribution.

Live packing status overview

  • Monitor the number of packed boxes per size, quality, and box type.
  • Track packing progress per Purchase Order (PO) and Sales Order (SO).
  • View the status per packing line in a semi-live report, updated every 5 minutes.

Production forecasts and analysis

  • Live production forecast comparing actual size distribution versus the forecasted distribution.
  • Real-time insights into the estimate of completion per PO and unsold fish prognosis.

Packing plant dashboard

  • Specifically designed for packing plant use.
  • Provides information on packing speed, packed boxes in the last 60 minutes and total for the day.
  • Forecasted completion per PO and the distribution of quality.

See how this can help you

If you are in the sales team, a producer or planner:

  • Enables data-driven decision-making for optimizing sales and distribution processes.
  • Offers live information on packing progress, size, and quality distribution for sales orders.
  • Live estimates on completion time and unsold fish prognosis, facilitating timely actions.

If you are running a packing plant:

  • Offers a live overview of packing status, speed, time estimation, size, and quality distribution.
  • Reduces manual updates, saving time and allowing focus on core tasks.

Maritech + Salmon Evolution

Salmon Evolution has played a significant role in developing Maritech Packing Monitor in collaboration with us.

On harvest/slaughter days, communication between the external packaging facility and their sales team was marked by many questions, leading to the need for a more structured approach.

Salmon Evolution implemented Maritech Packing Monitor to streamline the communication between the packaging facility, themselves, and customers. By combining data from sales and packaging, they have now gained instant access to all relevant information, and can easily access real-time data. They can monitor their production, make decisions based on their own observations, and reduce dependence on external responses.

Insights, estimates, factory speed

“Maritech Packing Monitor provides an effective summary of objectives for a packaging day. It offers insights into the ongoing packaging process, estimates for the day, factory speed, production shares, individual sizes, and other relevant information. Particularly valuable is the ability to make informed decisions towards the end of the day, handle flexible orders, and prioritize as needed,” Marius Ose Østgård, Supply Chain Manager, Salmon Evolution.

The production status is of interest for many different roles in the company. “Current users include production managers, the CEO, and CFO who monitor for reporting. The solution strengthens Salmon Evolution’s digital profile, provides control over production, and facilitates proactive decision-making.”

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