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How should project teams be put together and collaborate globally?

Across all business areas

In recent months, we have worked hard to re-invent our project methodology, ensuring best practices and consistent project delivery for our customers. Astrid Dale, our Director PMO, is leading the work.

A Project Management Office (PMO) ensures the organization’s ability to deliver projects in accordance with the agreed time, budget and scope. Our own PMO was established in the autumn of 2020, and has given us a very important boost in project management across national borders and teams.

“PMO in Maritech is a function that goes across all business areas. We do this to professionalize ourselves and secure future deliveries. At the same time, we see that this is increasingly a requirement from our customers. In addition, we have incorporated several companies into Maritech in recent years, and we want to take the best from everyone and ensure that everyone works in the same way,” says Astrid Dale.

As head of the PMO, she has the ultimate responsibility for ensuring routines and a well-functioning framework for project management. She is also responsible for ensuring that all projects consist of the right people with the right skills, as well as facilitating the best possible collaboration in Norway and globally.

“This is a collaboration on resources. We do not have a pool of people who only work on projects. Everyone contributes to the different projects and my responsibility is to bring in the right people at all times.”


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From consultants to advisors

Maritech now goes from delivering tailor-made systems to delivering standards adapted to the industry, and encourages customers to employ best practices. This is reflected in the framework.

“Now we explore how customers can solve their challenges within standards. This means that we go from being consultants to becoming advisors. This requires more of us, but we are very good at leading projects, and we follow a scalable, globally recognized framework. It is incredibly fun to build such a model and see that it works. People want to join us, both internally and externally. All the elements create security, people believe in us and want our products. We become clearer and our organization works!”

“There is continuous change and we learn something new all the way,” smiles Astrid, who is above average fond of project work and was in fact Maritech’s first project manager ever.

A dream job

Astrid has a degree in economics and administration with a specialization in management. After a time as an all-rounder in Veidekke, she became a super user of a new IT system regionally. She eventually worked in the IT department with updates and implementation.

“I commuted weekly to Oslo for two years. It came to a point where I either had to move to Oslo or find something new. Five years ago, I started as a project manager at Maritech. I led the integration of Timpex and Lillebakk, Before I became head of the PMO, I was head of the consulting department. I have worked with a lot of different things and have been involved in great changes,” says Astrid.

Knowing the organization as well as she does is crucial in her new role.

“I have worked my way up and gained a great understanding of the organization. Maritech has an incredible number of skilled experts – I’m not one of them. But I have the overview, which I very much enjoy. My role involves personnel responsibility, planning, communication, coordination, structuring and close cooperation. I like working with people; Putting the right person in the right place, and experiencing that they are enjoying their work is incredibly rewarding.

– And most of all; I love structure. I am a little nerd there,” she smiles. “You must be one too, in this role,” she states.

In Astrid’s opinion she has the job of her dreams at Maritech.

“I have a permanent job and the security that comes with it, but at the same time have the entrepreneurial role. And I have the global perspective. It’s very cool.”

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