From reactive to proactive with Maritech AMS

If you ask our new Global Services Director Kjell Jørgensen to point out his favorite subject, the answer is likely to be proactivity.  

Kjell has extensive international experience from the IT industry – e.g. as COO and Managing Director in Star Information Systems, five years of working for Merit in Switzerland, and two years for Logitec commuting to India. He is now in charge of strengthening our services as one Maritech – world-wide, with AMS (Application Management Services) as the corner stone and foundation all future services will be built upon.

What is AMS? 

The main objective for Application Management Services (AMS) is to take the customer support from being a reactive break-and-fix- service to a proactive offering. 

Here in Maritech we believe in achieving this through utilizing several best practice tools and a structured organization. On the tool-set side we have implemented the ITIL processes for incident, service request and change request. This gives the customer the benefit a clear and consistent definition of all things support. Furthermore, it secures a uniform approach to all customer requests. This provides the customer as well as the Maritech support organization with a structured workflow and hence a more efficient way of working. This is to the benefit of both parties. 

Maritech has also implemented a set of application monitoring probes, some generic and others bespoke to our own applications. Next to the traditional application monitoring tool, we have also constructed a set of process monitoring or process control checkpoints where we are able to give the customer an early warning when local data errors are about to occur. 

Global Competence teams 

On the support side, Maritech has re-organized and re-structured the support teams with one virtual, dedicated service desk and a combination of dedicated and allocated 2nd and 3rd line support resources. Through this, we are securing a timely reaction to all incidents and requests and taking the customer from being person dependent to office dependent. 

The services are a global offering and when the global organization is a part of this structured and uniform way of working through virtual teams and across timezones, all customers will experience better access to resources, swifter response and shorter resolution times. By utilizing global competence teams, customers across the globe will experience the same quality of service, the same reaction and resolution time and in the end the same customer experience. 

This will also enable Maritech to have not only extended service hours for ordinary tasks, but also a true 24/7 on call service for critical incidents. 

Best practice and efficient processes 

“I was engaged by Maritech to help in several areas, Kjell Jørgensen says. “My background has been IT service management and service deliveries for many years and my primary tasks now is to put together and establish a professional service delivery that is truly global, both across geography and business verticals.  

As the commercial aspect is core in any business, my goal is to help Maritech become more efficient in its service delivery. Furthermore, to help Maritech´s clients getting a more cost efficient support and service by utilizing best practices and common IT industry standard processes, procedures and tools.  

My belief is that when we get even better at what we are doing, not only by providing the customer with great business applications, but also with a complete set of professional global services, our customers will experience a better every-day life and an ability to focus even more on their core business and leave their business process support to us. “


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