Launched new salmon report at North Atlantic Seafood Forum

We are proud to announce the NASF launch of our new salmon report provided through

This week we are attending North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF) in Bergen, Norway. The event is the largest seafood conference in the world, with over 900 attendees and speakers from over 35 countries. A perfect venue for the launch of our new salmon report.

The report is created by our analytics team, including our Icelandic division at Sea Data Center. “We are very pleased with the result”, says Anna Björk Theodorsdottir, Managing Director at Sea Data Center, part of the Maritech Group. “The report gives a unique overview of salmon prices, trends and supply. Also, it is automatically updated and can easily be tailored to the customers´ preferences. It will be valuable to a broad range of companies and roles through the salmon value chain. As well as for media, analysts and investors. “

You can not get this information as easily anywhere else. All open data in the world is collected in one place, this is quite unique.

Anna Björk Theodorsdottir, Managing Director of Sea Data Center

Photo: The Maritech team at North Atlantic Seafood Forum 2020. From the left: Anna Björk Theodorsdottir (Managing Director Sea Data Center), Erik Outzen (VP Business Solutions), Klas Vangen (Sales Director), Janne T. Morstøl (CEO), Tone Mykløy Helseth (Key Account Manager)

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