Maximize your profitability

Maritech’s latest solution is a native cloud application that streamlines seafood procurement and sales from any device, anywhere.

For more than 40 years, Maritech has delivered software supporting the purchase and sales of Norwegian seafood. At this year’s Aqua Nor in Trondheim we launched DGS Purchase and Sales. The solution allows you to automate and control the purchase and sales process with efficient box-level tracking. ​

​Best practice processes

Purchase and Sales simplifies complex seafood processes and enables you to maximize your profitability. ​You can fully control your inventory, what you have to sell, margins and your customers and vendors.​

Full traceability

The solution gives you full and verifiable traceability from origin to customer, to comply with requirements from customer, government and certifications bodies.


Maritech automates your processes for importing data to support traceability and control, invoicing, document and data flow for more effective handling and remove manual errors. ​