New launch: Analytics for logistics

Sustainability and finance reporting are amongst the tools that are now available through the new cloud software, tailored for logistics.

Efficiency, profitability, sustainability

We are pleased to present Maritech Analytics Logistics, and our new Sustainability and Finance reports.

You can now easily get a full overview of your customers, suppliers, transport corridors, invoicing rate, capacity utilization and delivery precision.

Sustainability reporting and financial reports are two of the new tools that are now available, the sustainability reporting solution is created according to the EU Taxonomy, and provides you with the documentation you need to be compliant according to the new international regulations.

“Our customers gather enormous amounts of data, which we can help them utilize better than they manage to do today. Analytics retrieves data from Timpex TMS, and processes, analyzes and visualizes the data to provide useful insights,” says Ove Gjelstenli, Sales Director Logistics at Maritech.

“This makes it easier to monitor and implement the adjustments needed to streamline the flow of goods, increase profitability and gain more sustainable operations. And you become more efficient in your reporting and documentation processes. ”

“When it comes to financial reporting, this will be especially useful for companies with a group structure,” says VP Data Science in Maritech, Oddvar Husby.

“The vast majority of companies with a group structure have a great need for a better overview of consolidated accounts and balance sheets. Via accounting reports in Analytics, you can compare data at group level and easily get an overview of the total. In addition, you can link accounting figures to data from the Timpex systems, and get overall visualization in the Analytics dashboard. This way you save valuable time, and ensure a better basis for decision-making,” Husby concludes.

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