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Episode 2: How one of Norway’s biggest landing facilities is approaching challenges in the whitefish industry 

In this episode

It’s been hard times for the whitefish industry, and it doesn’t seem to stop.

How did one of Norway’s biggest landing facilities get to where they are today, and how are they using their northern mindset to handle the challenges they are facing today?

Resilience and adaptibility…


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Episode description:

How is Myre Fiskemottak approcahing the increasing challenges in the whitefish industry?

In a time of uncertainty for the whitefish industry, we get a look into the unique perspective of Myre Fiskemottak on the challenges ahead. With decreasing quotas, heightened competition, and shrinking margins, how does Myre Fiskemottak position itself amidst these adversities?

Join us in this episode with Kai Freddy Evensen from Myre Fiskemottak, one of norways biggest landing facilities. They are based in Øksnes in the North of Norway and specializes in white fish. We’ll uncover the insights behind their resilience and adaptability through the years and the strategies they employs to fortify their market stance.

From innovative technologies to operational integrations, we explore how this enhances efficiency and uphold quality. As we look into the future, we get the secrets to success in the whitefish industry, not just in the tumultuous landscape of 2024 but also in the years to come. Have a listen!

About the podcast:

This is the podcast where we cut through the noise and ask the questions everyone’s truly curious about. In this podcast, we delve deep into the seafood industry, exploring what sets successful leaders apart, what differentiates them, and why they thrive. Join us as we uncover their unique stories, discussing the challenges they’ve overcome and the key factors that contribute to their success. We sit down with both big and small players that are shaping the seafood industry today.

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