Sea-Cargo chose Maritech

We are pleased to announce our new logistics software partnership with Sea-Cargo Agencies.



A strategic choice

Sea Cargo Agencies has selected Timpex logistics and TMS software from Maritech as new core business systems.

Sea-Cargo is a leading logistics provider in the North Sea market, located on the west coast of Norway, and complemented by a fully owned agency structure in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands and UK.

The project scope is a complete system delivery to Sea-Cargo Agencies that includes Timpex TMS (Transport Management System), Timpex CMS (Customs Management System), Timpex WMS (Warehouse Management) the tracking tool Timpex Confirm and the communication solution Timpex Connect. Maritech acquired Timpex in 2019 and holds a strong market position within software solutions for transport and logistics.

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“This is a strategic choice for us,” says Dag Tarberg, Director Agencies & Landbased Services at Sea-Cargo. “We see that our customers appreciate having a “one stop shop service” from Sea Cargo, and we now see an increased demand to provide transport solutions, not only where we can provide the transports on our own vessels, but also world-wide shipments. To accommodate this in the most efficient way, we need software that fully support this function. After a careful evaluation we have found that a partnership with Maritech is the right way to go for us.”

“Maritech gives us best-of-breed software, valuable integrations and trusted advisors who have cooperated closely with the best logistics companies for decades. Their focus goes beyond technology, emphasizing a holistic approach and smooth processes as a key to success. We want to work as smart as possible, according to best practice. This was the main reason we chose Timpex solutions and Team Maritech. We are confident that what we get and learn will strengthen our organization, our operations and our profitability.”

Innovation and sustainability

“We are proud that Sea-Cargo chose us as their new partner,” says Ove Gjelstenli, Sales Director, Logistics Maritech.

“They are a forward-leaning organization with a true growth mindset, and curiosity, grit and openness in their backbone. We are especially impressed by their creativity and power to innovate within the field of sustainability. A prime example is the new roro vessel project, where hybrid technology and two large rotor sails are estimated to give a 25 % reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions per year.

We can all learn something from this way of thinking, and it says a lot about the milestones Sea-Cargo can reach in the future. They focus on potential, rather than what may be holding them back. We are looking forward to being a part of the Sea-Cargo journey.”

Ove Gjelstenli, Maritech