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We know your challenges. And potential!

Improve your margins and efficiency with our world-leading cloud software tailored for seafood + logistics. 

Bonus: Full traceability + joy and smoother days at work.

Why Maritech?

Get to know some of our customers, and see why more than 500 seafood and logistics companies across Europe and North America have chosen our team and software.

See why more than 500 customers across Europe and North America have chosen our team and software

Tailored for you 

Choosing a software partner dedicated to your industry is the easy path to the functionality you need, combined with better margins, and more time to focus on your business.

For more than 40 years, we have been a trusted advisor, software provider and innovator. The result; a unique blend of technological advances, in-depth competence, and knowledge of your core operational processes. 

Nor-log Group chose Maritech as logistics sooftware partner

Discover how Grieg Seafood use our Nasdaq Report

“We believe in the power of data collection and analysis to make informed decisions and drive growth. For Grieg Seafood, The Benchmarking Report is essential in achieving this goal. With a significant IT department and digitalization goals, we see benchmarking reporting as a critical tool in optimizing our value chain and revenue streams”.

Discover the features Grieg loves and how they use them to reach their strategic goals!

Good fish, bad fish?

Using Maritech Eye™, you can now automate the quality assessment of your red or white fish – with an objective eye, in industrial speed.

The solution is the first of its kind in the world, scanning through the fish, documenting quality with higher precision and speed than a human eye. Maritech Eye™ can for example detect and blood spots in redfish fillets, and sort whole round white fish by species and quality.

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Hey, seafood trader! 

We know that you have crazy days and not a second to waste.

The good news is – there is an easier way. Even though you are super efficient, you do not have to do everything yourself anymore. With a complete set of new cloud-based tools tailored for seafood trading, you can now automate many of the processes you may be handling manually today, for example in Excel sheets and Google Docs. Buy and sell seafood with full control of your inventory, margins, customers and vendors, and easy access to all the documentation and information you need.

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Spend less time searching for data and producing reports

Are your decision making processes based on what you assume or what you know? Through our Analytics platform you can easily get the insights you need.