Our five best recommendations for quality assurance of logistics assignments

How can you reduce the risk of errors, omissions and delays related to your logistics assignments? Read the recommendations from our experienced logistics team.

1. Facilitate easy document sharing

To ensure effective collaboration, arrangements must be made for everyone to have access to the documents they need, when they need them. An electronic document management solution is a good investment for most companies. Unnecessary use of time, inefficiency and delays due to missing documents is reduced. All needed documentation is ready for the carrier so that you do not have to search through email to find what is necessary for the transporter.

2. Make sure that the carrier receives complete logistics assignments

Inadequate information requires resources for follow-up, and at the same time increases the risk of errors and omissions. A fully or partially manual process also entails additional costs related to control and documentation. With a digital solution that is integrated with your TMS system (Transport Management System), all necessary information will automatically be registered, documented and available. The logistics manager only needs to make simple adjustments to the assignments as necessary. You no longer need to personally coordinate with the transporter to ensure that everything is right at once.

3. Traceability is a prerequisite

Today’s customers expect full tracking of their logistics assignments. In addition to being able to easily keep up to date, you avoid spending unnecessary time on manual status updates and handling inquiries.

4. Offer your customers automated pricing

Automatic pricing ensures that your customers get the correct price according to their agreements. Ensuring that the customer gets the right price every time strengthens the customer’s trust in you as a carrier.

By using automatic pricing, the customer will also receive “instant feedback” on their bookings and need not wait for this to be done manually. At the same time, as a carrier, you save valuable time by having this run automatically.

It is important to make sure that all price agreements are always in place correctly. It should be possible for customers to select and sign electronically.

5. Provide your customers with a full overview over their costs

By integrating the invoicing solution with the booking system, your customers have an up-to-date overview of their transport costs at all times. The customer will be able to look back on their bookings of logistics assignments and easily check that the invoice is correct against what has been agreed. A correct invoice also ensures faster payments from your customers.

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