Meet our new seafood specialist in Halifax!

He loves seafood. He knows seafood. From every step of the value chain. A perfect match, you said? Oh yes, we say – proudly introducing Kristjan Kristjansson as our new Sales Manager in Halifax.

Processing, packing, sales

Our new team player brings unique and valuable experience from catch, processing, sales and management in the seafood industry.

Kristjan was was born and raised in a maritime environment, with a father and step-father working in the seafood industry throughout the world their entire working lives. He is originally from Iceland and moved to Canada in 1998, and loves the smell of fresh seafood. One month into his Maritech career, he has already become a highly valued member of our North American – and global – team.

“I believe that my knowledge and experience from the seafood industry will be a strength in my new role at Maritech. I really look forward to bringing Maritech’s unique solutions to the North American seafood industry, where I know the companies as innovative, receptive and curious about new technologies and tools that can optimize their businesses.”

Kristjan began his career in the seafood industry working in processing throughout high school in Canada. He continued in the industry while studying for his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, and worked in a salmon smokery with packing and preparing orders during summer holidays. After a brief stay back in Iceland working in the banking industry, he returned to seafood with Ocean Choice International as a Sales Manager working out of their UK office.

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Passion for seafood and wine

Since then, he returned to Canada in 2010 and worked in seafood trading for both Nordic Brokers and Prime Catch Canada. More recently, he was a Sales Manager at Clearwater Seafood, where he worked until he started in his new role in Maritech. But it is not all seafood in Kristjan’s life. He is also a co-founder of a wine and spirits agency.

“I have always had a keen interest in wines and the wine industry itself. To have the chance to combine this interest with working within the industry has been a great experience.”

But the wine is just a hobby. It is the seafood which is closest to his working heart. Throughout his career, Kristjan has worked with all sorts of seafood from shrimp, lobster, scallops, crabs to salt fish.

“His broad experience is truly valuable for Maritech, as we offer solutions to the whole range of different seafood producers and sellers. Because he has had many of the roles himself, Kristjan knows the challenges the quality manager meets, which difficulties you face in packing, as a CEO or a trader in the seafood industry. And – he knows what can be optimized”, says Odd Arne Kristengård, Maritech CEO.


Customer processes

“I am truly impressed by Maritech’s solutions, and how they can improve the processes throughout the entire seafood value chain,” Kristjan says.

He is still in the middle of the onboarding process in Maritech.

“I am excited to connect with both existing and new customers. It blows my mind how user friendly the Maritech solutions are. They are spot on and can help the customers tremendously. Maritech is the world leading provider of software tailored to the seafood industry, and I am very happy to be a part of this team,” says Kristjan, who just a couple of months ago became the father.

“It is amazing to be a father, even though the nights are a bit different than before,” he smiles.

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