Meet our new leader in North America

We are pleased to present our new Managing Director of Maritech Dynamics Ltd., and ambitious plans for scaling in Canada and the United States.

Extensive international experience

Global project teams, world-leading cloud solutions, and deep seafood-industry competence are the essentials, as Maritech now is heading for new milestones in the North American market.

As a part of the new North American growth strategy, Kjell Jørgensen has taken on the role of new Managing Director of Maritech Dynamics Ltd. on March 31st. Mr. Jørgensen has extensive international experience in the IT industry, ranging from COO and Managing Director in Star Information Systems, five years of working for Merit in Switzerland, to two years for Logica, commuting to India. Prior to his new role, Mr. Jørgensen has served as Director of Global Services and responsible for Business Solutions in Maritech. Mr. Jørgensen is moving to Canada as soon as possible and says he is looking forward to joining the team in Halifax.

With over 45 years of experience spearheading technological innovation in the seafood industry, Maritech has established its position as the biggest global provider of software tailored for seafood. In recent years the company has invested heavily in forging a strong international team and in developing our best-of-breed cloud portfolio, DigitalSeafood; built in Microsoft Azure, and tailored for global seafood trade and production. Maritech has been present in North America since 1998, through Canadian subsidiary Maritech Dynamics Ltd headquartered in Halifax, NS and with a satellite US division, Maritech Dynamics US, based out of Seattle. Maritech Dynamics has now become a fully integrated part of Maritech, working closely with the rest of the global organization in cross-functional project teams.

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Re-thinking seafood processes

“We have great opportunities ahead of us, and the best employees onboard”, says Kjell Jørgensen. “I am eager to get out in the field and connect with our existing and potential customers again. We are the global leader within process support to the seafood industry, with broad competence in all areas of the value chain. There is an enormous, untapped potential in the North American seafood industry related to new technology and digitalization. The seafood industry has always been innovative, and we experience a strong pull in the market related to our field of competence. Companies of all sizes, in all segments, express curiosity and openness related to new, digital tools and the possibilities they represent.”

“We always choose to use the latest technology and will always be at the forefront,” he continues. “Both in terms of functionality and user-friendliness, Microsoft Azure gives us the opportunities, flexibility and security we need to be at the top of the world and means that customers get the maximum benefit from choosing a cloud solution from us. We can use advanced Microsoft tools in the development of our own software, and Microsoft’s infrastructure and expertise to operate and deliver our solutions to customers worldwide. It is easy to scale the number of users and capacity up / down as needed, we can guarantee the uptime – and most importantly, the security.”

The new Managing Director of Maritech Dynamics emphasizes the fact that all successful digitalization projects require re-thinking of structure and processes.

“Solutions is one aspect; process competence may actually be equally important. Our experience is that it is critical to review the processes in your company when you are starting a new software implementation project. Together we explore how customers can solve their challenges within standards of a solution. It can be challenging, but I dare to claim that it is always worth the extra efforts.”

Local focus with a global reach

“We have been an integral part of the evolution of seafood companies, both in Norway and in North America, organically developing our software solutions for and with them as they themselves have developed. We have long lasting partnerships with our customers, and we have gained a reputation of trust within the seafood sector. We are grateful to have these close relationships with innovative and demanding customers in our home markets. Through close dialogue with our customers, we believe we are capturing the requirements of our industry and will be instrumental in delivering the next steps in digitalization of the North American seafood industry.”

“The challenges of the last year have shown, more than ever before, the vital role that technology plays,” Jørgensen concludes. “Our cloud-enabled digital suite provides new models and best practices that empower collaboration and efficiency in new ways, not only by streamlining processes and making workflows more efficient, but presenting tremendous new revenue and value producing opportunities for our customers. Ranging from seafood-tailored big data analytics to help spot emerging market trends and pricing opportunities, to revolutionary new quality control mechanisms, Maritech is laser-focused on delivering the technology tools seafood companies need to make quicker, smarter, data-based decisions, streamline their processes, solve problems, and remove collaborative barriers.”

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