Timpex TMS  

Simplify your transport management, and ensure full control + optimization 


Smart transport management

Timpex TMS is our complete solution for management, administration and implementation of transport and shipping.

For over 40 years, Timpex, now a fully integrated part of Maritech, has developed innovative tailor-made software for the logistics and transport industry, in close collaboration with customers. The solutions can be used as independent systems or combined into a complete «3 in 1 system».

Timpex TMS is a complete system for transport management that is specially tailored for transporters, freight forwarders and transport users. The solution has functionality for both groupage, “full load”, thermal transport and general cargo nationally and internationally.

Timpex TMS can be combined with our Timpex CMS customs clearance system and Timpex WMS inventory management system.

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At a glance

The Timpex TMS basic module is compulsory and common to our products Timpex TMS and Timpex CMS. Basic data contains all basic functions, registers and all support registers. Content and adaptations in the basic module make the system company-specific and unique. Setups and adjustments are performed by our customer consultants in close collaboration with you through workshops.

Timpex TMS also contains a number of other modules, such as for traffic, air freight, complaints, e-invoices, incoming and outgoing transport instructions, tank transport, accounting transfer, toll / ferry, factoring and warehouse hotels.

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