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Easier seafood trading and reporting

Customer case, Maritech Purchase & Sales 

A digital mindset

– Digitalization is a very important part of our company culture, says Pure Norwegian Seafood CEO, Eldar Henden.

He says that it was the desire for better reporting that led to them wanting to be a pilot customer when Maritech Purchase & Sales was launched. “Some reports have been cumbersome in our old system, and we have – like many in the industry – complex needs. For us, it is therefore of great importance that Analytics is part of the new solution, so that we can easily extract the data we need. The ambition is to have a system that runs in real time – or as closely as desired. We need to get all the data first. Among other things, prices are often delayed via Nasdaq – so Maritech Purchase and Sales becomes a good management tool for up to the minute operations.”

Furthermore, Henden highlights that it is a great advantage that the solution is cloud-based, a natural next step.

“I think we are saving more man-years on digitalization. We have constantly developed our own solutions, including a separate platform, and have also received innovation funding for this.”

About Pure Norwegian Seafood

Pure stands for clean products, clean nature, clean water and clean seas, and Pure Norwegian Seafood supplies top-class seafood that reflects purity in every aspect. The family-owned business, located at Averøy  on the north-western coast of Norway, has roots dating back to the 1920s, and is a highly recognized supplier of premium seafood to the global market. The company have exported prestigious Label Rouge certified salmon for several years, manufactured in accordance with the French standard LA 31/05 and subject to strict requirements for monitoring and controls.

– A mutual commitment

Pure Norwegian Seafood has been using Maritech Trading since 2010, and Maritech Packing since the early 1990s. Sales and Marketing Manager Reidar Nygård says it has been an interesting journey to collaborate with Maritech throughout these years. “We have followed developments together and are mutually committed to taking advantage of the opportunities available. A key point for us is that the systems have to talk well together. It is also extremely important for us to have a full overview of where we actually earn our money – which customers and markets generate what, at all times. It is also crucial that we ourselves are disciplined in terms of what data is put in. It’s always the case that you don’t get better reports than the quality of what you record.”

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