Seaborn, Bergen, Norway

Facts instead of presumptions

Maritech Analytics provides us with better insight and understanding of our data, says Merete Lunde, Supply Chain Manager in Seaborn.

Seaborn is a major distributor of Norwegian salmon and trout. As a user of Marietch Trading solutions, it was a natural choice to implement Maritech Analytics.

“Maritech formed a group to work with us for this specific purpose. The fact that Marietch prioritized this work was an important reason to choose the Analytics solution.”

Advanced analytics

The analytics platform gathers together data from all areas of Maritech Trading, and makes Seaborn able to reduce time spent on producing and preparing reports. Lunde emphasizes the visualisation of their complex data as one of the most valuable benefits of the solution.

“Power BI provides us with actionable insight and broader understanding of our data. We can easily analyze both the current situation and visualize future changes.”

Instead of gathering data, we can now spend more time on analyzing. This improves our decision making-processes.

Merete Lunde, Supply Chain Manager, Seaborn

Streamlining the workday

The Analytics tool has changed Seaborn’s routines and workday.

“The dashboard provides all departments with today’s status and focus. This means that we can be one step ahead instead of spending time on fighting fires. Our meetings are now to a greater extent based on facts instead of presumption.”

Merete Lunde, Supply Chain Manager, Seaborn

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