Investors and board

Our investors and board embrace our growth strategy and ambitions.

Our investors

Our majority owner Broodstock Capital is a pure play seafood investor owned by Ferd (93,6%).

Broodstock Capital is focused on Nordic based small and medium sized businesses in the seafood industry, in particular in the aquaculture supplier industry. They target growth companies with a proven track record and a strong management team with the ability to stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on a growing market.

Broodstock Capital is an active owner that contributes with capital, network, experience and financial- and strategic expertise to support companies in strengthening competitive positions and profitability.


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Mette Kamsvåg - Chairwoman of the board, Maritech

Our Board

Mette Kamsvåg, Chairwoman of the board

Mette Kamsvåg (M-K Consulting) has 20 years’ experience from IT and payment services and has been a member of the management of BBS and Nets for 15 years. She was CEO of Nets from 2011 to 2014. She is today working as an advisor within strategy, change processes and M&A.


Jan Erik Løvik, Board member

Jan Erik Løvik is co-founder of Broodstock Capital, and has a breadth of experience includes over 15 years as a management consultant in Arkwright and Sensacon. Jan Erik founded Sensacon in 2008 and served as Managing Director until 2016. Jan Erik also co-founded FSV Group, a leading Norwegian service boat operators.


Pål Kristian Moe, Board member

Pål Kristian Moe (Partner, Broodstock Capital) has extensive international experience related to private equity management, management consulting, corporate finance (IPO’s, M&A, financing), business- and strategy development, and brand strategy. Mr. Moe has board experience within Oil & Gas, oil-service, technology, food, real estate, and investment management.


Hallgeir Loe, Board member

Hallgeir Loe (Senior Developer, Team Manager) is one of Maritech’s longest-standing developers, and our first employee representative in the Board of Directors. Mr. Loe has worked on many different applications, before focusing solely on Maritech Trading since 1993. Hallgeir is dearly loved by our customers, and is known as a man who can solve every possible challenge.


Sindre Jensen, Board member

Sindre Jensen (Head of  Cloud, Maritech) is our second employee representative in the board, and is also a Maritech guru. He started his career in Maritech in 1995, left in 2004 to join Capitech, an offspring of Maritech. Luckily for us, he rejoined in 2017, and is now head of cloud architecture and a  key resource in Team Product & Technology.