New partner

Maritech and Sea Data Center announce strategic partnership.

Maritech and Sea Data Center are bringing together a unique set of market intelligence and benchmarking tools to allow customers to overlay the latest seafood market supply and pricing trends against their own data.

Working relationship

The companies will form a close working relationship, with Sea Data Center, who already has a wide adoption in the Icelandic market, becoming Maritech’s official representative in Iceland.

Seafood data comes in different formats – making it difficult to sift through and extract market information that matters. This process is both difficult and time consuming for companies, posing a specific challenge as companies need to get an overview of the latest market trends for decision making, price-setting, and competitive analysis.

360-degree view

Now customers of Sea Data Center can combine a 360-degree view of the latest intelligence on raw material supply and prices, seafood trade trends, and consumer prices measured against their own big data drawn from Maritech Trading, using Maritech’s Analytics tools. With enhanced ability to overlay and benchmark their own performance and forecasts and forward price plan against this information, customers will gain a truly competitive edge when negotiating with both suppliers and buyers. 


“Researching market prices and supply trends requires significant resources to do accurately. In partnering with Sea Data Center, we are not only gaining a strategically aligned partner and representative, we are able to help streamline our client’s risk management and operational decision-making process.”

Janne T. Morstøl, CEO, Maritech

The Sea Data Center platform, which offers product and species-specific trade trackers as well as daily commodity, auction, and retail price intelligence and trade flows, has received wide-spread industry support in Iceland and throughout Europe.

“Our team analyzes data from a wide array of sources and provides the robust and collated intelligence that our customers need to stay on top of fast changing market conditions.”

Kjartan Olafsson, Co- founder of Sea Data Center.