– Our strategic plan is on track

The 2018 results show that Maritech continues to grow. – This is a result of successful strategic planning, says Janne T. Morstøl, CEO Maritech Systems AS.

Maritech delivers revenue for 2018 of NOK 83,3 million, compared to 69,7 million in 2017. This represents a revenue increase of 19,7% in local currency terms. EBITDA was NOK 7,5 million.

“Our aim is to extend the functionality of our software solutions, cover a wider range of the seafood value chain, and expand geographically. During the past year we have successfully advanced in all of these goals”

Janne T. Morstøl, CEO Maritech Systems AS

Morstøl highlights the launch of the new IoT-solution, Maritech Analytics, and the Innovation Lab as important steps for Maritech during the past year.


Maritech has built a competent Analytics team with great seafood expertise. The company has recently launched the new DGS Analytics tool which gathers information from all parts of the Maritech Trading system, streamlines reports and increases operational insight, while improving decision-making capabilities. Amongst others, Coast Seafood has benefited from implementing this new platform.

International partners

The recent partnership with Icelandic Sea Data Center is a milestone in Maritech’s plan to expand internationally. Maritech is also pleased to welcome Montreal Fish, a leading Canadian salmon importer to the North American market, as a user of Maritech Trading.

“Our software solutions are tailor made for the global seafood industry, and more and more customers improve their businesses using our solutions”.

Innovation lab

Maritech launched their Innovation Lab last year, and the goal of the lab is to explore the use of new concepts and technologies such as IoT, big data, business intelligence, electronic cooperation, automation, machine-leaning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and blockchain to evaluate and advance cutting-edge technology for the seafood sector.

“Maritech has a long history in implementing groundbreaking research initiatives. By establishing an innovation, lab we continue to focus on development and distribution of modern solutions that increase profit”.