Rethinking customs clearance

Our CMS experts have created the tools you need to do your customs clearance yourself – automated, smooth and easy.

Few people know more about customs clearance than our Senior Consultant Klas Larsson (image). For 33 years, he has been responsible for the development of our customs clearance software, Timpex CMS.

“Yes, I know this solution inside out,” he smiles.

Customs clearance under the skin

Klas Larsson has specialized within customs clearance since he got his first job in Tollpost Globe AS after the military. Back then, the tool was a typewriter. After taking an IT education at Molde University College, he started at the IT department in Tollpost. That was when the idea of a separate customs clearance system began to percolate. When he and five others founded the leading logistics software company Timpex in ’87, Timpex CMS was the first system they developed.

Timpex CMS provides the customer with all the functionality needed to handle goods going in and out of the country and can be used both alone and in combination with our transport management system Timpex TMS.

Timpex was acquired by Maritech in 2019, and is now our fully integrated logistics team. Together we offer a valuable blend of competence and solutions.

“Seafood exporters have previously hired external freight forwarders to perform customs clearance. Our customs clearance solution is connected directly to the customers’ ERP system, so that customs clearance is automated.”

Klas Larsson

One of Klas´ recent projects has been to adapt the system for an Icelandic seafood customer. “We develop and expand all the time,” he says. “And soon we need even more bright minds to join the team.”

“However, there is no education in customs. This can be a rather complicated field. When we recruit, we have to find someone who has work experience or someone we can educate themselves,” Klas smiles.

Streamlining the process

The solution ensures efficient customs clearance of goods for import, export, transit and control of customs warehouses. Furthermore, it supports secure calculation of customs duties and taxes, so that the declaration is made more efficient. The system also gives you a good overview of orders and the status of approvals and notifications.

The transit module allows the truck to drive all the way to the finish line without stopping. And our advance warning solution allows sending advance notices of goods, required by all countries outside the EU in order for the authorities to get an overview of which goods are coming. Based on this notification, they choose who to check and take random samples from.

“Since the beginning, we have constantly developed the platform. We are constantly working with the user interface to make it as simple and intuitive as possible for our customers,” says Klas.


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